Latest store update


Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

You will see lots of signs inside and outside the store to remind you of all the new changes and things we are asking from our customers to shop at RRNF in order to comply with Governor Mills Executive Order. As of today, and until further notice, these are some of the things we need to ensure everyone gets a chance to shop in a timely manner.

  • We need to limit the number of customers in the store at the same time. Please have one person per family do the shopping and remember kids are people too. Two or more people shopping for the same household means someone is waiting outside. Please practice social distancing with other customers and staff.
  • Please shop for as many days in advance as possible, like Mom & Grandma used to do.
  • Please shop with a list and purpose so you can move through the store as quickly as possible.
  • For now, this is how check out will be: Approach the floor sign marking 6 feet from the cashier. Another staff member will take your cart, unload and bag your groceries. The cashier will instruct you when to approach the register for payment. This is the best way for us to maintain social distancing and also speed up the process.
  • All customers use a cart when shopping, no more baskets. This helps us to keep a count of customers in the store.
  • We have floor stickers coming today so you can easily see the 6 foot spacing at the register area and outside on the ramp. In the meantime, look for masking tape on the floor.
  • If we are at capacity, the line to get in the store will queue on the ramp.
  • We are transitioning to offering only pre-packaged bulk items and bottles of spices to minimize consumer handling and speed up shopping. Sorry, but we will not re-package any bulk items already bagged. Hopefully, this will only need to be in effect for April.
  • We are planning on offering online shopping sometime next week, more details & instructions to follow.
  • The hours of 10:00 am to 11:00 am are reserved for high risk, immune compromised individuals and their caregivers. Please do not shop at that time if you are not in that category.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding. Be well.